Is telemarketing still worthwhile in the age of
digital marketing and social media?

If your growth goals are ambitious it’s not just worthwhile, but absolutely essential. A good website, SEO and digital marketing strategy are all necessary, but will only attract people who are already actively seeking a new accountant – more often than not smaller businesses looking for their first advisor. You’ll also be vying for their attention with all your local competitors.

Business owners are busy getting on with what’s strictly necessary and don’t have time to spare getting quotes for a service they only really think about once a year, even if they’re not happy with what they’ve got in place.

Telemarketing is the only way you can find the 1 in 20 business owners who would be interested in changing accountants if only it weren’t such a hassle to do go about researching who to change to. By setting up a free, introductory meeting with them at their premises you’re making their life easy, and can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be the only firm they meet with to discuss why they think their current provision can be improved. As long as you’re providing the best possible service at a fair price and can communicate that well to a prospect, you’ll find that telemarketing is the most efficient way of consistently bring new clients on board, with a return on investment that you can measure in black and white.

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