Our mission statement is pretty easy to remember:
Help accountancy firms to grow.

From day one we knew that clients would only stay with us if they saw a worthwhile return from the process and wasted as little of their time as possible, so we only ever arrange meetings with people who are genuinely interested. That way we know for a fact that you have a real chance of winning business from our meetings, and our stats back that up: on average, our clients can expect to sign a new client from 1 in 3 of the meetings they attend. Of course, that’s only impressive if the fees that are up for grabs are worthwhile. The average fee opportunity from our meetings is £3,200, and the largest so far this year was over £20,000.

As we approach our tenth year of trading, we’re still constantly striving to find new ways of improving every aspect of what we do, whether that’s managing prospect databases as efficiently as possible to ensure that we wring every last drop of value from it, investing in our ITC infrastructure so that we can make more calls and therefore more appointments in a shorter amount of time, or honing our team’s communication skills in order to best deliver our clients’ message.

We’d love to hear about your growth goals and tell you about how we can help you achieve them. Request a call-back.