Telemarketing for top 50 and national firms

While smaller firms’ needs are often best met with a direct approach to discuss ongoing compliance work, the range and depth of expertise offered by the largest accounting firms brings the chance for a more targeted approach to big businesses with complex needs.

Whether you want to show people how your sector expertise can directly impact their bottom line, or bring to their attention a tax advantage they may not be aware of, we can help to deliver your message effectively and efficiently, with a deep respect for the importance of protecting your brand reputation – just as if you were making the calls in-house.

Another tried-and-tested strategy is to position yourself as alternative providers of non-audit work. Top 50 firms can be equally capable yet more cost-effective alternatives to top-tier firms for corporate finance work, for example, or tax advisors with sector-specific expertise you feel people should know about. Of course, audits routinely come up for review as well, and by targeting the relevant FDs and CFOs, you’re doing everything in your power to ensure you’re included in their next tender process.

There are plenty of opportunities for subtler forms of marketing as well. If you’re running seminars or sponsoring business events then we can work with you to make confirmation calls to invitees – a proven numbers-booster – and even to arrange post-event meetings to delve deeper in to the issues raised, gently establishing you as the go-to expert.