Telemarketing for local and regional accountants

We work exclusively with accountants, from sole practitioners looking for their first clients through to regional leaders competing to stay on top, and everybody in-between. What they all have in common is an ambition to grow, and a confidence that they’re offering a class-leading service. Time and time again we’re told by business owners that getting a cheaper deal isn’t what motivates them to change. What they’re looking for from an accountant is proactivity and a sense that they’re a valued client. Isn’t that the minimum they can expect from their most important professional advisors? If you know that you can offer businesses what they want, you’re the type of accountant who will thrive with us.

What we do is simple: take the leg-work out of business development at the prospecting stage so you can concentrate on delivering your message only to those that are primed to hear it. If you’re proud of the work you do and know it can benefit others then you should be shouting it from the roof-tops, and that’s exactly what we do on your behalf. Your time is precious so we don’t concern ourselves with trying to persuade people who are perfectly happy with their accountants. When you attend one of our sales leads you can be assured it’s with somebody who’s genuinely interested in what you have to offer. After all, if we were in your shoes we wouldn’t expect anything less.