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21st May – IT Consultancy, East Anglia, £3.5m turnover

Very receptive to the idea of a review meeting. They’re not happy with their present accountant as they’re not proactive enough, and she would like to see if you can offer a service that’s more in line with their expectations. Additionally, she owns various plots of land: one piece that she’s looking to sell for £8M immediately, and then another that’s worth about £15M later in the year. She’d therefore like to chat about the tax implications of those deals.

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14th May – Renewable Energy Consultants, South West, £1.2m turnover

Said our call had come at a good time as they’ve been interested in getting a second opinion for a while but haven’t found the time to do so. They’re implementing a new accountancy software package at the moment, and the process has raised some questions about the firm they use, which has prompted them to think about their overall competency. Along with some recent personnel changes within the accountancy firm with trusted people retiring, they see now as a good time to have a fresh look at things.

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7th May – Manufacturer, South Wales, £300k turnover

He explained that they’re reasonably satisfied with their accountant but conceded that he could no doubt identify some improvements to the service if he thought about it. They haven’t reviewed their accountancy provision before and he would therefore be interested in whether a another firm might go about approaching their business. He’s open minded and said he’d consider change if you’re able to demonstrate a reason for doing so. His accountancy fees are currently about £6,500 per year.

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30th Apr – Engineering Consultancy, Nottingham, £500k

Explained he’s used the same firm for the best part of 10 years, although the firm has been through multiple takeovers/personnel changes, which has had a negative impact on service levels. One thing he specifically mentioned is that he would ultimately prefer to work with a firm that’s more proactive, and ideally able to advise him on long-term tax planning strategies.

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23rd Apr – Furniture supplier, South Coast, £1.2m turnover

The business is undergoing some changes and as a consequence they’re in the process of reviewing their supplier base. Specifically, their current accountants were described as “rubbish”. She told us that they’re never in touch, she has to constantly chase them up on every piece of work, and it’s reached the point where they’re actively seeking change.

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16th Apr – Coffee wholesaler, midlands, £500k turnover

Very keen on meeting ASAP. She stated there is room for improvement with the firm they already use, as they’re not very accessible and seem to struggle with their workload. She said she could do with using a firm that’s a bit quicker to respond, and able to provide more comprehensive advice.

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9th Apr – Auto Repairs, Bristol, £250k turnover

Very receptive to a meeting. He explained that he’s used the same firm since starting the company and has nothing to compare them against. He therefore liked the idea of getting a second opinion to see if there’s any room for improvement. The company is expanding and he suspects he’s outgrown the firm he’s using, and believes a “proper” firm might be able to offer better advice.

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2nd Apr – Manufacturer, Essex, £450k turnover

Paul was quick to agree to a meeting. He explained he’s used the same firm for 25 years but the partner he previously dealt with retired 3 years ago and he hasn’t really been happy since. He questions the price he’s paying (gave a rough figure of £6k) but it’s primarily the overall service he’s interested in improving rather than costs, and welcomed the opportunity of a general review of things as he’s been thinking of changing accountants for a while.

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26th Mar – IT Consultant, Kent, £200k turnover

Michael immediately agreed to a meeting. He uses a firm in Wales (which is where he company used to be based ) and doesn’t want to use them anymore. He also massively questions what he’s paying – he believes £5k is a rather steep given the size of the company and the work involved, and is keen to see what another firm of accountants can bring to the table. Should be a dead-cert assuming the meeting goes well.

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19th Mar – Software Developer, Bristol, £500k turnover

Immediately receptive to the idea of meeting, saying that they’ve been giving some thought to switching to a firm that can help take them to the next level. They’ve been using the current accountants since 2013 but are generally pretty unsatisfied with them due to their lack of proactivity and inexperience with tech companies. They’re turning over about £500k at the moment and have good margins, which means a high corporation tax bill, so they’re looking for any ways of mitigating against that. They’re also looking at potential sources of outside investment, so that’s something else to chat about on the day.

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