5th Feb – Carpentry Contractor, Surrey, £800K turnover

Explained that he uses XXXXX accountants. Historically the relationship has been ok but a change of personnel within the firm has coincided with a much longer gap between submitting his accounts and getting them completed. He said it’s a significant problem because he’s unable to forecast properly without knowing his corporation and dividend tax liability, so believes that working with a more responsive accountant would be an advantage. The accountant completes end of year, tax returns, VAT and CIS. Bookkeeping and payroll is looked after in-house, but he would like to chat about outsourcing that as well. [...]

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29th Jan – Construction Company, Kent, £9m turnover

Liked our proactive approach and said the idea of having a fresh look at things was timely. They turn over about £9m and have roughly 150 staff, so he's aware that they're potentially close to needing an audit and that costs would increase if that were the case, so it's a good time to review that, but he said that a general look at their overall tax position would be useful as well. (more…) [...]

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22nd Jan – Flower Wholesaler, Midlands, £800k turnover

Actively seeking to change his accountants as he inherited them when he bought the business, and  wants to use someone closer to home among other things. He would also welcome a fresh look at his tax affairs both business and personal (property portfolio plus other investments) to ensure he's receiving maximum value. [...]

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15th Jan – Electrician, Surrey, £180k turnover

Mainly interested in meeting due to his accountant being located in Essex (where the business was originally located) and would prefer to use someone more local. Also explained that the partner he used to deal with retired a few years ago and that the service has subsequently slipped - e.g. no consistency in who he deals with, finds himself having to re-explain things to new people etc. [...]

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8th Jan – Logistics Industry, Midlands, £6.5m turnover

Aside from the main company we have on our database, this chap has multiple business interests and liked the idea of meeting with a local firm of accountants. He said one of his businesses has outgrown his existing accountant so transitioning to somebody new would be a good idea, and if that's the case then he'd ideally look to bring both businesses under the roof of one accountant. One has a turnover of £4m but there's also a second one at about £2.5m, both of which require an audit at the request of an investor. [...]

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