5th Mar – Motor Trade, Oxfordshire, £300k turnover

I first spoke to xxx shortly before Christmas. He explained that he’s in the market to change accountants but that he’d already agreed to meet with another firm for a quote, but asked me to call him in the new year to see how they got on. It turns out that they’ve only just gotten around to meeting after a couple false starts on the accountant’s part, and that he didn’t feel it was a good fit as they didn’t have much sector experience, which he feels is important as they’re looking to expand and would like to tap into any knowledge you have.

Turnover is about £300k and the business consists of just two directors. They use a separate firm for book keeping but would be open to the idea of a quote to cover that as well. In terms of the actual accountancy provision, the bill is currently about £2,000 a year, but price isn’t why he’s interested and he acknowledged that he might need to pay more to get the advice he needs. He was keen to meet sooner rather than later as he’d like to get the change wrapped up asap.