12th Mar – Telecoms, Bristol, £2.2m turnover

Explained that they’ve been with their current accountant for 10 years and feels that it’s time to see what a fresh pair of eyes can bring to the table. His main interest is in exploring whether or not the business and its two directors are maximising their tax position as efficiently as possible, but they’re also starting to think about an eventual exit strategy as “We can’t go on working 15 and 16 hour days forever!”, so this is something he’d like to discuss on the day.

Turnover is about £2.2m. He didn’t know what they’re currently paying on fees but thought it was more than £5,000. That being said, he said that price isn’t why they’re interested in meeting – it’s more about seeing if you can give them the proactive, advice-led service that he doesn’t currently feel he’s receiving. Should be a good meeting by the sounds of it.