Our core offering is to arrange meetings between you and your desired customers, where previously there was no relationship.

We are highly experienced in business-to-business marketing and know what works in the real world. When we commence a project, we will work closely with you to ensure that we build up a thorough understanding of your unique selling points, and target the companies that would be most likely to benefit from your expertise.

Arranging the meeting, however, is just half of what we do. We know that the key to selling a professional service is preparation, so what we also take from a phone call is as much background information as we can gather:

Who is their current provider?

What are their concerns over the service and why are they interested in changing?

What are they looking out for in a replacement?

When are they likely to change?

As well as finding out as much information as possible while talking to them, we will also supplement the data by conducting web research, in order to give you as complete a picture as possible.

Once a campaign is live, you can just sit back and let us take the initiative. We maintain communication throughout a campaign with weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting as desired. We see this as an integral part of the process and will not issue separate charges for reporting or account management.

We know that your reputation is your most important asset, and will work hard to maintain and enhance your professional image at all times. We are persistent yet courteous; enthusiastic but never pushy.

For an informal chat and a tailored quote, please contact Matthew Smith on 01395 222984, or email