Client Retention Surveys

Every good business owner knows that it’s always easier and cheaper to keep an existing client than it is to get a new one.

What would the impact on your business be if just two or three key clients decided to leave?

Would it be worth spending a relatively small amount in order to prevent those customers from leaving and taking their annual fee with them?

The bulk of our business at Bright Lights is all about helping you to win new customers; but what about the ones you already have? How do you keep a client happy and coming back for more every year?

The easy answer, of course, is to provide an exemplary service at a reasonable cost. But good service is not an easy thing to define, so how do you know which bits you need to work hardest at and which aspects of your service are in need of attention?

Our overwhelming experience from conducting customer satisfaction surveys is that although the majority or customers are happy with the service they receive, there will always be a handful who for one reason or another are considering leaving.

Bright Lights helps companies like yours to understand the key performance issues your customers find important, and provides an easy to interpret report of how they rate you for each of those criteria.

There are multiple benefits to undertaking a customer satisfaction survey. At the most basic level it will identify any clients you are at risk of losing and allow you to resolve any problems before they get to crisis point. Normally this in itself will cover the cost of undertaking the survey. It is also an incredible marketing tool which will show any potential clients what your existing customers value the most about your service, with verbatim quotes as well as key stats. We can also ask whether satisfied clients would recommend you to fellow business owners, which in many cases can lead to direct referrals.

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