Telephone Interviewing

Here at Bright Lights we feel we have unparalleled experience in undertaking telephone interviews for research businesses, either as a supplement to your in-house interviewing resources or as your sole partner where you lack an internal telephone field force.

Although we are equally comfortable conducting interviews with members of the public, our real expertise and experience is in undertaking qualitative interviews or “teledepths” as they’re often known, in a business-to-business capacity. Although interview lengths vary from project to project, it’s not unusual for us to hold conversations for up to an hour if the job calls for it.

Over the years we’ve helped clients conduct interviews with clients, prospects and competitors, in just about any industry sector you can think of, and with respondents of all levels, right up to senior directors in all time zones.

Anybody can reel through a list of questions and tick a box, but we have the experience to be able to converse intelligently with the respondent and probe around particular responses that we feel are pertinent to the project, ensuring that you end up with the most detail-rich data on which to base your findings. We are also happy to consult with you at the questionnaire design stage and offer our input on whether anything could be changed or re-arranged in order to elicit the best response.

Using a bespoke system built into our telephone network, we are able to digitally record interviews (although naturally, only if we have the respondent’s permission to do so), to ensure that no detail is lost, and to ease our workflow so that when deadlines are tight, we can interview by day and transcribe by night. All interviews are transcribed in house, usually by the person who conducted the interview, into Word or Excel as preferred.

Our pricing is based on a rate of £27 per hour. Some clients choose to pay us on an hourly basis for as long as the project takes, as is our preference, but we do understand that many clients need us to quote fixed costs. In these cases, we ask that you provide us with as much detail as possible on the nature and scope of the project, and we will provide you with a fixed per-interview cost, or a cost for the project as a whole.

The following prices are intended only as a rough guide, as costs will vary depending on the nature of each project. Please ask us for a fixed cost before incorporating our rates into client quotes.

All prices include transcription into your choice of Word or Excel, but exclude VAT at the prevailing rate:

10 minute customer interview: £35.99

20 minute customer interview: £58.49

30 minute customer interview: £81.00

To discuss a forthcoming project, or for an informal introductory chat, please call James Luscombe on 01395 222984 or email