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Exceptional telemarketing for Accountants, Lawyers and other professionals

Exceptional telemarketing for proactive businesses

We excel in providing affordable telemarketing services to businesses that wish to take a proactive approach to finding and retaining new clients, but lack either the time or resources to do so in-house.

When it comes to successful, easily measurable marketing results, there’s simply no method more effective than telemarketing. Traditional forms of promotion such as print advertising and directory listings will always have their place, but if you’re serious about winning new business, the sit-and-wait approach won't be enough.

The key difference between you and your competitors needs to be that you actively make your business known to the marketplace. After all, how can a business benefit from what you have to offer if they don’t even know you’re there?

Superior telemarketing for accountants

Although we undertake work for clients of all types, a particular speciality is our unscripted, intelligent telemarketing for accountants. Please visit our dedicated page to find out more.

Expert telephone fieldwork services for research clients

Bright Lights Marketing offer a variety of telephone research services for market research organisations, specialising in relatively small scale projects where quality is prioritised over quantity.
As well as teledepth interviews, we also offer recruitment for focus groups and face-to-face interviews, and consultancy on questionnaire design and project management. Please use the menu on the left to view our full list of related services.